Strategic Planning

Explore the Possibilities for Sales and Marketing Growth

Holistically Analyze Your Growth Plan

Identify quick wins and create a realistic and measurable path to success.

1. Review Competitors

Identify competitor strengths and weaknesses to reveal opportunities to gain market share.

2. Build and Analyze Reports

Identify and build the ideal processes for consistently reporting key performance metrics.

3. Create Buyer Personas

Determine your target audience psycho- and demographics and outline the buyers' journey.

4. List Target Keywords

Create a list of top keywords and phrases most relevant to your business and buyers.

5. Solidify Core Messaging

Solidify value propositions, unique selling propositions, and positioning statements.

6. Prioritize Campaigns

Prioritize content, promotion, and lead generation and nurturing activities.

7. Organize Contacts and Data

Evaluate and prep current contacts, companies, and deals for sales and marketing initiatives.

8. Define Sales Approach

Establish aligned processes between sales and marketing for lead follow-up and conversion.

9. Outline Website Plan

Complete a website evaluation and develop a plan to increase conversions and engagement.

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