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Follow Up With Leads and Start a Conversation

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Follow Up With Leads and Start a Conversation

Sellers need interesting content and messaging to pique their prospects’ interest and keep them engaged throughout the sales cycle, along with a way to track response and conversion rates. We help improve sales efficiency, productivity, and outcomes by supporting sellers with:

  • List Building: Research contacts that fit your ideal customer profile, verify they are a good fit, and find their accurate contact information. 
  • Sales Process Development: Create a service level agreement between sales and marketing so both teams are aligned on how to track and manage contacts in the CRM.
  • Sales Playbooks: Create a sales library and organize playbooks with cadences, emails, scripts, and other plug-n-play templates that create a consistent and trackable lead follow up process.
  • Reporting & CRM Administration: Set up and manage all technical aspects of the CRM, and ensure data is being managed properly so we can create accurate sales and marketing reports.
  • Lead Follow Up & CRM Training: Train the sales team on how to use the CRM, prospect intelligence, and sales playbooks effectively, to get maximum value from their efforts.
  • Appointment Setting: For organizations that need more sales resources or a different sales skill set, we provide outsourced, experienced inside sales resources to follow up on leads.

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