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Lauren Tomsich

Inbound Marketing Intern

Lauren is dedicated to helping companies create a compelling and engaging visual presence.


I graduated Herbert Henry Dow High School in 2016. While I attended Dow High School I was a member in the National Honors Society as well as the National Art Honors Society. I was also a member of the Dow High School female varsity basketball league for two years. Throughout my high school career I took two commercial art classes as well as a 2D art class and a beginning art class. These courses helped me determine what I wanted to study at college. I am  currently attending Grand Valley State University to study graphic design. I plan to graduate Grand Valley in  2020 .


Awards I recieved from my commercial art class:

  • I created one of the top five designs for the new Midland Public Schools logo
  • A movie poster I designed was displayed in the Midland Center for the Arts for a period of time

Awards I recieved from my 2D art class:

  • A self portrait I designed was displayed in the Midland Center for the Arts for a period of time
  • Won fourty dollars for Plaid Giraffe drawing entered in a Midland Daily Newspaper contest


Lauren loves spending time strategizing on how to help her clients get results that truly impact their business. However, she also strives for work-life balance. Her off-hours are filled with being an active volunteer for multiple organization and participating in her sorority's activities at Grand Valley!

Besides family and community time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her friends, watching Netflix,and playing with her dog.

Lauren Tomsich
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