Why I Started a 30-Day Content Creation Challenge

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I'm challenging myself to create 30-pieces of video content in 30 days! Here's why I'm embarking on this ambitious journey.


Hey there! Welcome to my 30-day content creation challenged, day 1! I’m Krista Moon, and today’s topic is, “What is a Content Creation Challenge?” Let’s get started!

All right, so what is a 30-day content creation challenge? Simply speaking, it’s me challenging myself to create 30 pieces of video content in 30days. Why would I do that? Because that’s a huge commitment, right?

Well, first and foremost, content is essential for business growth. So, there you go! If you don’t have anything to say, you don’t have anything to sell, you can’t build trust and credibility, and people can’t get to know you – they have no idea who you are. I have been creating content, but I want to improve my skills, get better on camera, be more productive, more efficient, and overcome my fears.

Yes, I am nervous right now to sit here in front of this camera and thinking about posting this online for everybody to see. You know, what if I sound stupid? My lighting is bad? My sound is terrible? What if people don’t like me? I want to get over all that.

My goal is to share the things I’ve learned over the past 25 years in sales and marketing and help other people find the right solution for them to grow their businesses. To do that, I need to share my knowledge and expertise and I think video is a great way to do that. So, I’m going to post every day for 30 days to increase my video skills and hopefully, put out some content that you guys see value in as well! Follow and subscribe to join me on this adventure!

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