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Treat Social Media Profiles Like Mini-Websites

Creating a website is hard enough, but the work doesn't end there. The truth is, the majority of people will probably find you on social media first.

For example, someone connected with me on LinkedIn today, and I read his company profile on LinkedIn to find out about what his company does. I got the info I was looking for and didn't even go to the website.

So, what does that mean? It means you have to treat your social profiles the same as you treat your website - not as an after thought, but as a strategic part of your marketing plan.

Your social profiles should have the same components as your website, including:

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How Sharing Blog Articles On Social Media Gets Customers

Many businesses are still foggy about how blogging can impact their revenue goals. Here is an example to help clarify:

Increase website traffic

Tactic: In your social media status update areas (like on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) create a compelling short sentence that directs people to the blog article on your website.

Here is an example of a comment I would post on social media:

“Check out these three reasons why salespeople should start creating blog articles -”

Once someone clicks the link, they are on my website. Okay, website visitors are great, but how does that affect revenue growth?

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[Video] 3 Ways to Share On LinkedIn and Increase Your Activity

Having a LinkedIn profile and not doing anything with it is kind of like going to a party, standing in the corner and not talking to anyone. Sometimes, not participating looks worse than if you weren’t there to begin with.

One way to get more active on LinkedIn is to share articles and information with your contacts. If people like the kind of stuff you post, they’ll start paying attention to you more.

There’s another cool thing that happens when you start sharing on LinkedIn. As you regularly scroll through your home page feed to find articles to share, you’ll start getting to know your own contacts better - which makes it easier to reach out to them for collaboration!

This video shows you 3 ways you can share on LinkedIn and start joining the conversation.

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Social Media Results: Consistent vs. Haphazard Engagement

After the launch of my new website in August, 2013, I knew the next step was to start blogging and get more involved in social media. I do it for my clients all the time and consistently bring in website traffic and contacts, so I know it works.

I struggle the same as everyone else though - I get so involved in client work that my own marketing gets pushed off until later. Now, here it is, Friday morning, and I'm finally writing a blog which should have been done much earlier in the week.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting in LinkedIn Groups

I’m just starting to get used to using HubSpot’s Social Inbox. It’s a tool to schedule and monitor social media posts.

I hired a specialist to do it for my clients, but I thought it was important for me to be able to use the tool myself. So, rather than hire out my social media work, I’m doing it on my own for now.

Oops! I made a big mistake straight out of the gate.

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Starting Social Media: Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

These days social media is a critical marketing channel for attracting new customers. It’s the new reality. However, just having a social media account doesn’t help at all. It’s what you say on social media - and how frequently - that’s important.

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Steadily Building a Following Using Content and Social Media

You can have the best content offers in the world on your website, but if no one knows they're there, they won't get you any leads.

That's why promoting the content you create wide and far is critical for lead generation. Building a following gives you an opportunity to promote your content to an increasingly bigger audience.

Here's an example of how we are consistently helping this client build a following.

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More Than Doubled Social Media Leads in 1 Month

Promoting your website content on social media is a great way to expand your reach to a larger audience. The goal is to drive people from social media sites back to your website where they can engage with your company and become a lead.

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