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Strategies to Get Sales Meetings: Marketing vs. Sales

Isn’t that the question of all questions - how do you get sales meetings with new prospects in your niche market? It’s strange being on the fence between a marketer and salesperson. (I’m a salesperson turned marketer).

On the one hand, as a marketer, I know that the best leads will come from the awesome content I create and promote. On the other hand, as a salesperson, I need business - today. I don’t have time to wait 6 months for my company’s brand new blog to start generating leads. I don’t have time to wait for my marketing team (if I have one) to start creating gated premium content. I’ll get fired - or go broke - if I don’t set meetings right away.

Read on to find out how to get sales meetings from a marketing perspective vs. sales.

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Tip to Prevent Leaving Botched Voice Mail Messages

In my world, I focus heavily on creating content for publishing online to engage prospects and generate leads. However, to make a sale, you have to talk to someone voice to voice eventually. Before I switched from sales to marketing, I made a gazillion cold calls every day. I learned a handy trick that I still use.

When making phone calls, you'll have to leave a voice mail message a good percentage of the time. The words you say on the voicemail make the difference between a “delete” or a “save.” That is why it's so important to get it right.

The problem is, sometimes I'm not as prepared to leave a voicemail as I should be, and I completely botch the whole thing. Or, I stumble over my words or just sound plain dumb. Do you ever wish you could just start over?

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Why Sales Training Without Lead Generation is Ineffective

Sales is tough - there are a gazillion components you need to master to be really good at it. Because it's driven by feelings and emotions more than anything else, you need to understand how to connect with people and guide them through the decision making process.

There aren't many "sales" college degrees out there, and most salespeople haven't had much specific training. But there are definitely strategies that work - and don't work. It takes a lot of time, effort and know-how to become a sales guru.

That's why sales training is critical for successful sales teams. However, most sales training focuses on what to do once a prospect is engaged. That's great, but I was in sales for over 12 years, cold calling and knocking on doors, and the biggest struggle I had was actually getting an appointment. And it's even harder to get appointments now than it was back then.

Knowing what to do once you get a meeting with a prospect is important, but it doesn't do you any good if you're spinning your wheels trying to get the appointment in the first place!

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More Than Doubled Social Media Leads in 1 Month

Promoting your website content on social media is a great way to expand your reach to a larger audience. The goal is to drive people from social media sites back to your website where they can engage with your company and become a lead.

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