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How Blogging Impacts Organic Traffic

Blogging is a powerful way to improve your online presence. Here are real organic search results from three companies that blog consistently, inconsistently, or not at all.

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Litmus Test: Is Your Blog and Email Strategy Truly Driving ROI?

Blogging and email marketing are increasingly becoming standard practices for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Creating content and sending messages is very easy now-a-days, which puts us in the midst of a never-ending data explosion.

Videos, articles, chats, streams, texts, emails, pictures…With so much content available, people have to pick and choose very carefully what they want to give time to. Only content that is relevant to the issues, thoughts, or concerns a reader has will get noticed, and only content that adds value in some way will get their time.

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Example of Blog Results: The First 8 Months

I started blogging as my main business growth strategy in January of 2014. On average, I've spent approximately 40 hours per month writing articles, email marketing, and promoting on social media.

I know what most of you are thinking: "There's no way I could spend that amount of time doing that!" But here's the deal – it's a trade off.

How many hours have you spent cold calling, trying to get appointments, in meetings, and trying to convince people to buy from you?

I've spent 0 hours cold calling. I don't do any kind of paid advertisements, trade shows, direct mailings, or other types of "traditional" marketing. And yet, I've generated the exact right number of leads to achieve a steady increase in revenue.

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Example of Blog Results: Month 3

This is the monthly marketing report for my 3rd month of consistent inbound marketing activities for Moon Marketing.

My biggest take away this month is that I need to focus more on some of my tracking methods.

For example, I tracked my prospecting and social media hours differently in March than I did in February, so now I can’t compare the numbers effectively. Oops!

Analyzing your results is a critical exercise for many reasons. Not only does it tell you how you’re progressing toward your goals, it develops critical thinking about your processes and how to improve.

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Example of Blog Results: Month 2

Last summer I decided to take my business to the next level and do for myself what I do for my clients. I spent a lot of time creating my website, and by January 2014 was ready to start marketing.

I had a really good start in January (view the report), and February has seen even greater gains.

Read on to find out what kind of results I got from my efforts so far.

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Example of Blog Results: Month 1

As an inbound marketer, I know that blogging is a critical part of creating a strong online presence and generating leads.

But you know the old saying: "You can tell a cobbler by his shoes." For too long I focused on my clients' inbound marketing strategies and let mine fall to the wayside.

I recently decided to take my business to the next level and make my inbound strategy as important as my clients.

Read on to learn what I did to start a blog and the results I achieved after the first month.

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