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The Benefits of Blogging for Business Leaders

I evaluate a lot of company websites and their online presence. The first few things I look for are whether or not they have a blog, if the articles lean more company-centric or customer-centric, and who the authors are.

The Internet is flooded with content. Not every article is going to be a hit, but posts that are interesting and compelling to the right audience can drive website traffic and leads for years. The best articles usually come from people in the trenches: business leaders and industry experts who are actively working in the field. They bring unique insights, advanced learning, and fresh perspectives that drive the conversation forward.

In the following articles, I explored some of the important benefits businesses realize when leaders engage in the blogging process. When you read the titles, you may think they contain the same information. But each blog has a slightly different take. Check them out! Comment below and share what you think about blogging.

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Why Blogging Should Be Your #1 Marketing Priority

One of the first priorities of your company’s marketing strategy should be to develop a process for blogging. From a technical perspective, blogging helps you get found online. It increases the number of web pages on your website (the more web pages, you have the more chances you have to get found) and increases SEO mojo. That’s definitely important stuff, but buyers don’t really care about that. The main reason to blog is to provide your prospects with the information they need as they travel through the decision making process.

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Why Blogging Is Important for Business Growth

Good, consistent blogging takes a lot of time, resources, and money to produce articles that your prospects will want to read. But even more importantly, it requires strong leadership to create a culture shift to get key employees to commit to sharing their expertise and experiences in a blog format. (Side note: I'm not suggesting they have to write articles, but good blogging requires their participation.)

Is blogging really worth the investment? Well, let's see...

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3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Start Creating Blog Articles

For the majority of salespeople today, blogging is not a prospecting technique that is on their radar. However, when sales and marketing align around the content strategy, the return on investment goes way up. Here are 3 reasons why sellers should be part of the blogging process, either by helping to craft articles or by guiding the content strategy.

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Why Blog?

Every morning I check my email box, and it’s full of articles about a variety of topics. I go to my LinkedIn home page, and I’m bombarded with more articles. There’s no way on God’s green earth I could ever read them all. Sometimes I feel annoyed that there are so many.

So why bother blogging and adding to the plethora of information online? Won’t your articles just get ignored like the zillions of other articles do?

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4 Ways Blogging Can Help You Sell

Blogging is not just a marketing activity. When done correctly, it's the backbone of both the sales and marketing functions. Companies that understand and embrace this strategy use blog articles on the marketing side to increase awareness and get people to the website. Then, they use those same articles on the sales side to guide their active prospects through the sales process.

Here are 4 examples of how blogging can help you sell:

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