[Video] 3 Ways to Share On LinkedIn and Increase Your Activity

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Having a LinkedIn profile and not doing anything with it is kind of like going to a party, standing in the corner and not talking to anyone. Sometimes, not participating looks worse than if you weren’t there to begin with.

One way to get more active on LinkedIn is to share articles and information with your contacts. If people like the kind of stuff you post, they’ll start paying attention to you more.

There’s another cool thing that happens when you start sharing on LinkedIn. As you regularly scroll through your home page feed to find articles to share, you’ll start getting to know your own contacts better - which makes it easier to reach out to them for collaboration!

This video shows you 3 ways you can share on LinkedIn and start joining the conversation.

3 Ways to Share on LinkedIn

  1. Scroll through your home page feed to find articles to share with your contacts.
  2. Use the social share buttons you see on articles as you’re surfing the web.
  3. Copy hyperlinks from web pages or articles and directly paste them into your LinkedIn "share an update" box.

That’s all there is to it!

(FYI - as with most technology, LinkedIn updates their interface over time, so what I showed on this video may not be exactly what you see.)

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