Increased Landing Page Conversion Rate from 44% to 75%

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I was recently checking the results for a marketing campaign we did for a client, and when I saw the landing page conversion rate I was very happy! It was our highest conversion rate yet.

Here’s how we achieved a landing page conversion rate of 75%:

eBook Creation

My client had an ebook that needed updating. It had old branding colors and fonts, and the content itself needed a refresh. The ebook was getting played out - the conversion rate of people who downloaded it dropped 20 points in the last 12 months.

Here’s what we did:

  • Created a new compelling title and theme.
  • Updated the ebook copy and re-organized the content to improve the user experience.
  • Created high quality graphics for the cover page, and a nice template for the internal pages.
  • Re-wrote the landing page and email copy to entice people to download.
  • Created the landing page design with a form, thank you page, and follow up email.

To me, the cover page is the most critical component. Most people are visual, and my hypothesis is that the call-to-action graphic is a major contributor to higher conversion rates. Check out this before and after:

Landing Page Conversion Rate

eBook Promotion

For starters, we co-marketed with a company that has a similar audience to my client. That means they sent an email to their audience promoting the Master Sales Meetings ebook. Co-marketing is a great way to get in front of a new marketing channel.


The Sales Call Planning Guide had a conversion rate of 44%. That’s actually not bad. But after the co-marketing campaign for Master Sales Meetings, we achieved a 75% landing page conversion rate. That’s a big difference! That means 75 out of a 100 people downloaded the ebook from that campaign.

We’ve been promoting the ebook on the website for about a month, and are still running about a 60% landing page conversion rate, which is 16 points higher than the Sales Call Planning Guide.

So how did we get such a high landing conversion rate and great results so far?

  1. Lots of thought went into the title, theme, cover page, and landing page / email promo copy
  2. Crisp, clean, high quality image
  3. Targeting the right audience

Most importantly, it’s critical to have the right skill sets to put a promotion like this together. It takes a cohesive content creation team.

If you’d like to check out some other ebooks we’ve done, read our eBook Cover Examples blog post.

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