Example of Blog Results: The First 8 Months

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Example of Blog Results: The First 8 Months

I started blogging as my main business growth strategy in January of 2014. On average, I've spent approximately 40 hours per month writing articles, email marketing, and promoting on social media.

I know what most of you are thinking: "There's no way I could spend that amount of time doing that!" But here's the deal – it's a trade off.

How many hours have you spent cold calling, trying to get appointments, in meetings, and trying to convince people to buy from you?

I've spent 0 hours cold calling. I don't do any kind of paid advertisements, trade shows, direct mailings, or other types of "traditional" marketing. And yet, I've generated the exact right number of leads to achieve a steady increase in revenue.

My articles drive prospects to my website. They allow me to nurture and guide them through the sales cycle without actually "selling" to them. People today want to go at their own pace – they don't want to be rushed and forced into making a decision before they're ready. Doing that is a quick way to lose a sale!

Giving prospects good content on a regular basis helps them get to know you and keeps you top-of-mind. When they're ready to make a change, you'll be the first company they call.

When I get one of these high quality leads, they're already 90% of the way through the sales cycle and are pretty convinced they want to work with me before we even have a conversation. They already know me, how I work, and what to expect because of the content I have on my website. I don't have to spend time guiding them through the sales process myself – my content does it for me. The website and the content therein becomes my most powerful sales tool.

My close ratio from lead to sale is high, so I actually don't need tons of leads to be successful. You know what they say – quality vs. quantity! Who's got time to work a bunch of crappy leads anyway?

The proof is in the pudding. The graphic above shows my actual increase in revenue month-over-month.

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