3 Approaches to Drafting Digital Content

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3 Approaches to Drafting Digital Content

Drafting digital content can get really stressful. You’re sorting out all of your ideas, sorting how to express them clearly, and your always worried about proofreading for errors. The biggest issue that I see with drafting is a lack of focus. This issue can be alleviated if you can piece together a drafting approach.

Here are three drafting styles to consider

1. Brain Dump

The first approach to drafting is called the “Brain Dump” approach. With this, you take your outlined ideas and just start typing. Ignore spelling and grammar, don’t think about how something sounds, and just go for it. You’ll be able to go through and refine this seemingly aimless typing, taking out or adding to each page as you revise and proofread. This approach is great for: people who have trouble writing introductions, new writers, or procrastinators.

2. As You Go

The second approach is called the “As You Go” approach. While this approach is a little more tedious, it’s also much more efficient. Instead of refining your ideas after you write, you take time to get everything sorted out as you draft. In this way, you can finalize each section of your content before moving on to the next section. This approach is better suited for: people who are comfortable writing and perfectionists.

3. Outlining

The outlining approach is commonly overlooked by writers. It gets all of your ides out on the table before you even start writing. That way, you know exactly what direction your content is going and can easily stay focused.

Remember that the worst mistake you can make while writing content is giving up.

When you start to feel discouraged or that your ideas aren’t as good as you thought, just keep writing. If you only write when you feel good, you’ll never get past the drafting stage. Writing is a difficult process, but don’t let that keep you from developing your ideas.

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